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Trade anywhere with innovative
trading tools

Where you're a beginner or a pro, you'll love our
automated trading tools.

Trade derivatives on crypto and FX

With a huge range of pairs, and large leverage, trade both crypto and forex on Overbit.

Leverage up to 125x crypto and 800x Forex

With industry leading leverage, maximize your profits with minimal personal funds

Low transaction fees

Take advantage of our incredibly low transaction fees on both trades and margin

Personal account manager

Deal with a real person - with our world class customer success team

Boost your trading up to 10x with
our futures trading bot

Leverage your potential up to 10x with crypto futures. Trade in any market direction for profit in USDT. Risk more, earn more and faster.

Profit when market moves sideways

Even in a sideways moving market you earn when using a grid bot strategy

Manage your risk when trading

With unmatched levels of customization, you're in full control of your own risk, and your own strategies

Profit when the market moves up or down

Regardless of market direction, you can be earning with a grid bot strategy by capitalizing on the ups and downs

Backtest your grid strategy

Test your strategy with historical data, free of charge, with our comprehensive backtesting toolkit

Military Grade Security

Your funds are secure

Overbit provides complete transparency on your funds, and never puts your funds at risk

API-key is all you need

Connect third-party apps with an API key. We also have extensive documentation for devs

Fast trading servers

With lightning fast trading servers, our execution speeds are industry leading

Earn up to $5,050 USD
when you join Overbit

Discover the Overbit Rewards Hub, Earn Bitcoin when you join Overbit and even more when you refer friends.