Tier Points


Since May 2019, Overbit started an innovative rewards system known as Tier Points (TP). Because of its importance, you will see Tier Points on your dashboard with your wallet and withdrawable balances. Traders earn Tier Points each time a new trade is opened on the Overbit platform. In the deal ticket window, you can see how many Tier Points will be awarded for each trade. Tier Points are generally determined by the size of the position being opened. For example, if you go long or short on 1 XBT (regardless of leverage), you will earn 10 Tier Points.

Rewards Balance

Overbit has introduced a new rewards balance system that replaces the previous bonus balance. We have made it very easy to earn XBT rewards. Each time you invite a friend to use Overbit (using your affiliate URL), you will receive 0.05 XBT rewards balance. Your referred friend will receive 0.1 XBT rewards balance just for joining. From time to time Overbit may also reward its users with XBT rewards. You can see your Rewards Balance in the dashboard under Tier Points.

Redeeming Tier Points

Once you have accumulated enough Tier Points, you can use them to redeem your reward balance. The more Tier Points you use in a redemption transaction, the higher the reward balance you can get per Tier Point used. Example: 1,000 Tier Points will unlock 0.06 XBT. 5,000 Tier Points will unlock 0.324 XBT.

Once unlocked, XBT reward balances are immediately transferred to your wallet balance where you can use them to trade or withdraw.

Overbit will soon be increasing the choice of reward redemptions. There will be shopping vouchers and other digital gifts which can be redeemed using Tier Points. Watch this space for more info.

To access the rewards section go to your dashboard and click Rewards from the menu.