Margin Trading

Boost Your Trades with 100X Cryptocurrency Margin Trading

Amplify Potential Returns

Trading cryptocurrency is typically seamless and straightforward unless you're searching for much more complex options. Enter Margin Trading, which can help you to boost your profits from market swings, allowing you to execute more complex, active trading strategies. With the power of Overbit's new and improved trading platform, you can use leverage to go long or short on a multitude of cryptocurrencies and Forex markets. You can go up to 100X leverage on cryptocurrency and 500X leverage on Forex. When you compare this to a regular spot trade, you will realize that you have 100 times the earning potential.

Margin Trading Explained

Margin trading is also known as leveraged trading or contracts for difference (CFD) or swap trading. Margin trading is historically widely used in trading the forex markets to magnify profits from small price movements in currency pairs. The leverage ratio that is allowed in the forex market is one of the highest that investors can use.

Margin trading allows traders to open trade positions larger than their available capital. In favourable circumstances, this translates to higher profits than what the trader would have gained without using leverage. As an example, on Overbit, a trader can use 0.011 BTC to open a BUY position with a notional value of 1 BTC - that’s 100X leverage. Therefore if the BTC price goes up by 1%, the trader can almost double their initial capital. Likewise, if the position goes down by 1% the trader can lose their margin used to open the trade.

Low Trading Fees

Overbit operates the cheapest fees or spreads in the industry. Open a BTC/USD position for just 0.075%. Funding rates (roller over fees) are every 8 hours. Typically longs will pay and shorts will get paid. If you have opposing positions, you will pay and get paid.

The Overbit Trading Engine 

is here to provide you with a best-in-class trading experience.

Highlighted Features

High Leverage Margin Trading

Leverage up to 100X on crypto, 500X on Forex.

Lightning-Fast Execution

Never worry about losing opportunities or being unable to open/close positions with our speedy platform.

Negative Balance Protection

Your account will never become in a negative position and you will never lose more than your deposit.

Isolated Margin vs Cross Margin

Choose between two different margin allocation modes for improving your risk management.

Intuitive Interface

Streamlined platform design with minimal clutter and easy-to-navigate interface. We’ve done away with the fluff to give traders only the essentials.

Fees vs. Spreads

Use our Fee/Spread switch to choose fees or spreads before opening a position. This feature is unique to Overbit giving traders absolute choice on their trading preferences.

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