ADA USD Live Cardano Price

Full Contract Details

ADA USD is a perpetual contract, which never expires. Each contract is worth the Quantity of ADA bought/sold.

Funding is paid and received every 8 hours. More information is available in the contract details below.

FeatureFee ModeSpread Mode
ExpiryPerpetual (does not expire)Perpetual (does not expire)
Trading Fee0.3000%0%
Initial Margin5% + Entry Fee + Exit Fee5%
Maintenance Margin2.5% + Exit Fee2.5%
Max Leverage20X20X
Funding IntervalEvery 8 hoursEvery 8 hours
Next Funding Interval
Next Long Funding Rate*
Next Short Funding Rate*
Quote CurrencyUSDUSD
Max Contract Size300000 ADA300000 ADA

*Positive funding means traders receive funds. Negative funding means traders pay funds.