Overbit Launches a New Trading Platform

For the past few months, our engineering team has been busy with optimising our trading platform to bring you a best-in-class trading experience. Today we have launched our new trading platform packed with new features – that should make your trading experience faster, easier and clearer than before.

The trading interface has been designed in a responsive manner to work for desktop, tablet and mobile interfaces as well as multiple languages. Here is a brief overview of notable new features:

1. Intuitive Interface

Overbit’s new and improved trading platform.

Overbit strives on being a simple and easy to use platform without compromising on important features. Our team went through many design iterations and user acceptance testing to bring out a slick, flat, easy-to-use interface free from clutter and distractions. Most users should find the interface self-explanatory, however we have introduced a guided tour which will be launched the first time you login to the new platform. You can always launch it again from the right-side menu.

2. Fees vs Spreads

The Fee vs Spread switch can be seen on the top right hand side of the deal ticket window.

A new feature of the Overbit platform is allowing users to choose a fee or a spread for each position that is opened. Overbit originally didn’t charge fees for any positions. Overbit, instead added a small spread to the asset price. Most traders prefer to trade this way with no fees. Some traders who have migrated from other platforms preferred to trade with a fee. To satisfy both groups, Overbit introduced a switch that allows traders to choose fees or spreads before opening a position.

Find out more about the Fees vs Spreads feature in the Overbit Help Center.

3. Isolated Margin vs Cross Margin

The leverage slider of the deal ticket window helps you select your margin.

The new platform allows traders to use two different margin allocation modes (Isolated Margin or Cross Margin) for each position that is opened. This helps traders with better risk management. In an isolated margin position, the position is automatically liquidated if the initial margin falls below the maintenance margin. A cross margin position taps into all available funds in a trader’s account balance. The cross margin position is liquidated once the trader’s available account balance falls below the maintenance margin.

Find out more about the Isolated vs Cross Margin feature in the Overbit Help Center.

4. Mobile Web Interface

Overbit’s new mobile web interface.

Our new desktop, tablet and mobile interface will allow you to conduct any function on any device, no matter the complexity. In future, we will be releasing mobile apps, but for now you can use this mobile web interface using your favourite mobile browser.

5. Simple vs Trading View Charting

Depending on your trading style, you may want to see a quick, simple, chart or an advanced chart with charting tools. Overbit had always used Trading View as its advanced charting package. However, we have now introduced a simpler chart for fast loading. This will allow you to view the market with fast loading times. If you need to switch to Trading View, click on the switch on the top right of the chart.

6. Trade Confirmation Window

Overbit’s new trade confirmation window.

The new trade confirmation window will pop up when you open and close a position. This helps explain what’s going on, giving you all the information you expect to see to help you make an informed decision when you are opening or closing a trading position.

7. Live Chat Support

Overbit now supports live chat on web and mobile.

We have always strived to respond to your support requests fast, but if that wasn’t good enough, we have now introduced a chat support feature. This will make it easier for you to seek help for anything that needs resolving. Wherever you are on the website, trader or help center, you will find a floating icon on the bottom right hand side of your screen

8. Additional Language Support

More languages are being added to the trader including Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese and Portuguese. Some of these will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

9. E-mail Alerts

We have added more e-mail alerts during times where your account might need attention. For example, if you have a position close to liquidation or has been liquidated. This will help explain why a position was liquidated.

Final Thoughts

We are grateful to our users for their continued feedback over the last year. This has helped shape the platform as it is today and we have so much more planned for 2020. Please keep your feedback coming. You can do this via the live chat interface or by sending an email to [email protected]. Happy Trading!

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