Overbit Announces Partnership with Leading AML Solutions Provider Coinfirm

We are pleased to announce that Overbit has partnered with regtech global leader, Coinfirm this December. Our margin trading platform will utilise Coinfirm’s cutting edge AML risk analytics system, also adopted by Binance, to strengthen Overbit’s security capabilities.

Powered by more than 200 proprietary algorithms, Coinfirm’s AML blockchain solution is capable of evaluating in excess of 300 risk scenarios across over 1,000 cryptocurrencies.

Enhanced Security & Trading Experience

Through the collaboration, traders can enjoy greater user experience and transparency when trading on the Overbit platform. Overbit’s partnership with Coinfirm not only seeks to affirm our accountability to our users, but to the rest of the crypto community as well. The partnership also assists Overbit in being compliant with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) rules.

As Chieh Liu, CEO of Overbit, mentioned when interviewed by the media about Overbit’s partnership with Coinfirm, “Given Overbit’s status as an established player in the crypto margin trading market, we see it as our responsibility to set the benchmark when it comes to abiding by AML regulations. The collaboration also marks a victory for Overbit users in terms of security and usability.”

Overbit has implemented Coinfirm’s blockchain regulatory solutions as of 18 December 2019 to provide a safer trading environment for our users.

Learn more about Coinfirm and our partnership details by clicking on the link below:


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