Overbit Announces the Launch of 200X Rocket: A Revolutionary Crypto Trading Game

Victoria, Seychelles – Overbit, a leading platform for cryptocurrency trading, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated 200X Rocket game, a ground-breaking crypto trading game set to transform the trading experience. Designed to supercharge trading into a fun and engaging activity, 200X Rocket not only rewards users for staying in trades but also introduces a new dimension to trading strategies amongst the cryptocurrency market.

As one of the first crypto trading games in the world, 200X Rocket showcases Overbit’s commitment to innovation and its aim to redefine the boundaries of the digital asset sector. Through the game, users can unlock prizes and benefits as they progress, creating a competitive environment that fosters skill development.

“200X Rocket was developed with the clear goal of harnessing the potential of the cryptocurrency market while simultaneously making trading accessible, fun, and engaging. We wanted to create a unique experience that keeps users entertained as they benefit from the crypto trading market,” said Chieh Liu, Founder and CEO of Overbit.

This unprecedented trading game is based on a classic ‘gun and run’ game where you take control of a spaceship and her Captain as they navigate their way across the galaxy.  Encountering aliens, asteroids and everything in between the objective is to blast your way to safety to collect bonuses leading to better gains on the market place in real time. As well as trying to survive the wave of obstacles you must pay attention when to ‘flip’ changing tact from a long to short position and to take your gains at each flip. The game encourages participants to develop strategic trading instincts, as their success in 200X Rocket is directly dependent on their ability to maintain a healthy trade balance and not fall prey to liquidation. Users will have to leverage their skills and knowledge of crypto markets to consistently make the right moves.

Some of the key features of 200X Rocket include:

– Immersive gaming experience requiring skill and timing to achieve higher bonuses 

– Engaging rewards system: Participants are awarded for their consistency in staying in trades and avoiding liquidation, making the game even more exciting.

– Competitive environment: Turn trading into a thrilling experience with fellow traders vying for the top spot on the leaderboard (coming soon).

– Real-time cryptocurrency market data: Stay on top of the latest trends in crypto markets as the game reflects live market data to keep the experience authentic and relevant.

– Compatibility with Overbit platform: Users can seamlessly switch between trading and playing the game without any hassle.

200X Rocket is now available to Overbit’s new and existing users. To learn more about the game or to sign up for an account, visit Overbit.com/en/200xrocket.

About Overbit.com

Overbit.com is a leading Bitcoin and FX derivatives trading platform, offering users the ability to engage in leveraged trading with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to providing a seamless trading experience, Overbit has quickly established itself as a preferred choice for traders around the world. For more information about Overbit.com and to sign up for an account

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