Overbit Announces Five Video Sketches Series Aimed at Bringing Comedy to Cryptocurrency Trading

At Overbit, we believe that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic should not discourage the cryptocurrency community from looking forward to the next big milestone – or indeed, financial revolution.

Overbit has announced a new series of comedy sketches aimed at highlighting the ease and accessibility of digital currency trading to the masses bringing comedy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since March 2020, Overbit saw a 30% to 40% increase in trading activities. Dwell time on the exchange also increased with an average of 50% and above, compared to pre-pandemic times. Traders are now trading from home and are spending longer flexible hours to themselves without having to sleep early to go to work.

Overbit Sketches was in the peak of its production when COVID-19 hit the shores in mid-march. However, the team at Overbit soldiered on with the series of sketches to ensure that cheers will be brought to the traders and community.

With many among us still grappling with pandemic-induced lockdowns, we’ve put out all the stops in our sketches production budget in hopes of bringing back some positivity into the lives of this vibrant community. There indeed is light at the end of the tunnel,” said CEO Overbit, Chieh Liu.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce Overbit Sketches series that will explain the cryptocurrency market in perhaps the most universal of all languages: comedy. Notably, Overbit is the first platform in its class that has committed to making crypto easily understandable through easily digestible media.

The upcoming series offers the world a unique opportunity to understand complicated nuances of cryptocurrency trading, such as asset security, in a casual and light-hearted manner. Furthermore, given that these sketches are engaging and interactive, we believe they will resonate with more communities and demographics – ultimately boosting cryptocurrency adoption.

Even though this campaign was an expensive endeavor, we remain focused on making trading fun and easy for traders of all skill levels. We also believe that you simply cannot put a price on humor, especially in these unprecedented times.

Unpacking our first sketch – and offering a taste of the future
Whether you are a professional trader or a novice trader, no one can predict the markets or its future. Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux.
Time is precious and to that end, the goal of Overbit traders is to make the best trades be it in crypto, forex or commodities.

That is why at Overbit, smart traders have no time to waste – ensuring that your wealth and assets are always in your own control.

Our first sketch – available here and don’t forget to check out the accompanying behind the scenes sketch that offers an exclusive sneak peek into our creative processes!

Coming Soon!
Stay tuned for subsequent sketches in this series, which will be released once a month going forward.

To hear Overbit CEO Chieh Liu’s thoughts on this series, check out the accompanying press release here.


About Overbit
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Risk Warning:
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