Overbit is for a United Crypto Community – Emre Aksoy (Kripto Emre) is a Scammer and We Want to Share our Experience

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Overbit was founded and is run by blockchain supporters and crypto enthusiasts, we believe in the transparency that blockchain technology provides, we believe in the industry and we trust that with its huge advantages it will sooner or later dominate the global digital infrastructure.

The Overbit marketing team regularly supports YouTubers, educators and influencers who publish informative and educational videos about crypto and trading. We understand that crypto YouTubers do not earn much from YouTube itself but are often the go-to sources for education and awareness. A lot of hard work goes into creating content and spreading the word about the development of the crypto community and blockchain.

Recently we have seen a growing flow of traders from the Turkish region so we decided to partner with a few well known influencers to create awareness about Overbit.

Emre Aksoy was one of the YouTubers with whom we agreed (signed a contract) that we would compensate him for an overview of Overbit and its trading platform features. The agreement was signed on May 19th 2020 by both parties. The agreement was for Emre to make an overview video and publish it, and 1 pre-roll video exactly 1 week after the overview video was published. The transaction of the funds was completed in full on May 20th 2020 and confirmed by Emre.


Emre Aksoy known as Kripto Emre, is a scammer.

The video was delivered on May 26th 2020 – https://youtu.be/XKoHLE-j5xQ

A snippet of the video that was made about Overbit. This video has since been unpublished.

The next video was due after a week, which never happened and that’s when the scam started. Emre continued to make promises that he will deliver a 1-minute pre-roll video tomorrow, later, next week etc. Three weeks had passed and our team pinged him again to remind him of his obligations. Instead of an apology for not delivering the service on-time, he removed the first video, blocked our team and has since demanded Overbit to pay him again in order to publish it back.

Anyone who behaves in such manner is surely not to be trusted. Moreover, the individual by virtue believes himself to be so powerful that he threatens to close the Turkish market to Overbit. One who is a true leader, true influence and aims to do good –  should act professionally and be bound to behavioral and intercommunication ethics.

See the screenshots of the conversation below for yourself:

The dispute Emre is referring to is that he didn’t like being pestered by one of our marketing staff reminding him to fulfil his obligations.

We hope this gives you an example of the kind of dealings we face behind the scenes. In this case, we decided to go public as this individual has a relatively public profile in the Turkey region and a significant following.

We believe in the success of blockchain projects, we believe in this evolving technology, we believe in DeFi, we believe in freedom and we believe in you – our users and supporters. History showed us a vast majority of examples where technological progress, especially when it creates a boom, attracts dishonest people, who blot the pure hearts of the community. Blockchain and cryptocurrency supporters are a strong community that global governments are afraid of, a community so united that there are very few people left who haven’t yet heard about crypto. Though, in this united community there are identities who try to ruin the beam of unity – our trust in each other.

Overbit will continue to work with and support honest influencers and educators in this space. Blockchain and crypto is here to stay. United we stand.

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