$200 USD Deposit Bonus

Users who deposit an amount equal or above 0.2 BTC will receive a $200 USD deposit balance (paid in BTC) immediately upon deposit.

“We have been listening to users’ feedback since we started. We have made many changes to the platform and we are so confident that users will have a great experience with Overbit. We are putting our money where our mouth is,” said Chieh Liu – CEO of Overbit.

Deposit Bonus


Current Value:

  • Users who deposit a minimum of 0.2 BTC will receive $200 USD Bonus.
  • Must have SMS verified before a deposit is made.
  • Bonus is given immediately on confirmation of deposit.
  • Bonus is used for initial margin, maintenance margin and funding.
  • Trading profits go to wallet balance. Trading losses come out of bonus balance.
  • Trading profits can be withdrawn.
  • Bonus expires when withdrawal is made, or after 30 days.

Terms and Conditions

  • The deposit bonus is immediately credited to a user’s account upon a deposit of 0.2 BTC or more. The deposit bonus expires within 30 days of being credited. The user will no longer be entitled to more bonuses unless it is a separate campaign.
  • The deposit must be sent to the user’s Overbit wallet in a single transaction.
  • The bonus can be used as initial margin, maintenance margin but not funding.
  • The bonus balance is non-transferrable, non-withdrawable and is only available for trading.
  • Users are eligible to withdraw any profits made as a result of the bonus balance.
  • Once a user makes any withdrawal, whatever bonus remains in the account expires.
  • The bonus balance is prioritised for losses. The cash balance is prioritised for profits.
  • Overbit reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion at its sole discretion at any time.
  • Each user is entitled to one deposit bonus only. Overbit reserves the right to deny a user a bonus if it is suspected that he or she has more than one account.

The content on Overbit’s website, blog, social media or any other platform is not intended to target any specific country or territory and its residents. Please check the applicable regulations of your country or territory before accessing Overbit’s platform.

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