Bitcoin Derivatives Trading
Leverage: 50x on crypto, 500x on FX

Why Traders Choose Overbit?

Bitcoin as an Underlying Asset

Trade crypto and FX using your Bitcoin, without taking delivery of the assets.

Generous Rewards

Get rewarded for signing up friends to Overbit.

Deep Liquidity

Overbit operates a deep order book using multiple liquidity providers globally.

0% Trading Fees

Overbit does not charge fees or commissions on opening and closing trades.

Military Grade Security

Client bitcoin is always segregated, protected, and stored in multi-signature cold wallets – never stored in hot wallets.

Professional Trading Experience

The user interface has been designed to limit market noise from the trader and only provide vital information to allow them to make sensible decisions.

Leveraged Trading

Use up to 50x leverage on cryptos, 500x leverage on FX.

Advanced Charting

Overbit has fully integrated advanced charting features by Trading View.