About Overbit

What is Overbit?

Overbit is a Bitcoin derivatives trading platform. Overbit’s innovative leveraged trading platform allows cross-market trading using Bitcoin as the underlying asset. With Overbit you can trade Cryptos, Forex and Metals using your Bitcoin. Traders can only deposit and withdraw Bitcoin.

Our Mission

To allow traders to maximize opportunities that may not be available with the current trends in cryptocurrency by trading and speculating across multiple worldwide markets using Overbit as their crypto partner. To be the world market leader in crypto derivative trading with easy to use functions allowing for a professional trading platform to operate seamlessly and provide a unique and flawless user experience.

Our Founders

Chieh Liu

Chieh is an entrepreneur and investor. Founder of several successful technology and finance companies. He has over eight years experiences in FX trading and derivative products. He also has extensive experience in blockchain and one of the early blockchain evangelists in the professional consulting space. Throughout his career, Chieh has worked in China, Hong Kong, U.K, U.S, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Chieh has a degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly Pomona, California, US.

Governance Committee

Overbit works in a business with complex crypto-based financial instruments. Our business requires careful compliance monitoring and auditing, as well as being aware of market trends and conditions. In many cases, Overbit has to self-regulate itself to achieve a high standard of business practice. As a result, Overbit has established its own Governance Committee. The purpose of the committee is to provide advice, guidance and business expertise on trading cryptocurrency and financial instruments. The committee also makes decisions on compliance and legal matters. Individual members of the committee will work on their own tasks and the committee itself will meet from time to time to make decisions and recommendations. Overbit intends to increase the size of its Governance Committee over time.

Brian Shearing
Head of Compliance

Brian Shearing is a financial services consultant specialising in UK financial services regulation and compliance. Brian has worked on many large projects with some of the world’s top companies including American Express, Friends Life, AXA and Aberdeen Asset Management. Brian has also consulted for a number of Forex companies in the UK as well as foreign companies entering the UK.

Dr Ivan Guevara
Head of Legal Affairs

Dr Ivan Guevara is a senior corporate and commercial lawyer with over 25 years relevant experience in the area of international business. He has held positions as senior consultant for the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the European Commission in the area of financial regulation developing guidelines for a variety of regulated markets. Dr Guevara holds a Ph.D. in Corporate Law and an M.Phil. in Latin American Studies from Cambridge University. He also obtained an LL.M. in International Business Legal Studies from Exeter University in the UK. He originally graduated as an attorney at law from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota where he also obtained a post-graduate degree in Financial laws from Los Andes University. He holds both British and Colombian citizenship and he has been based in the UK for the last 20 years.